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Offset Printing
Offset Printing
Even with all the latest digital technology, offset printing still accounts for the majority of all printed material today. At Brescia's Printing our niche in the offset printing market consists of one and two-color printing, for your company's needs. Employing primarily the large family of Pantone colors, with standard black inks, Brescia's is geared towards high-end 2-color work, in addition to printing simple office forms, NCR sets, flyers, etc.
Due to the many legitimate concerns about the environment today, we utilize the best products we can find that are also environmentally friendly. What few chemicals we use in the printing process are both water soluble and biodegradable. Our primary black inks are all soy-based, and our paper vendors provide us with the latest in recycled paper.
At Brescia's Printing, we believe that "Quick Printing" means just that: Quick. Not a hastily run order, that compromises quality for speed. With a list of advertising and design studios as clients, we aim towards pleasing the critical eye of the art director. This aim, however, extends to everyone who walks in, just needing letterhead or business cards, or the company with the demand for quick turn around time on forms and brochures.
We offer classic offset printing at competitive prices.