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For inquiries or questions on matters for the Clerk's office of the Supreme/Appellate court in Hartford, CT.
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Legal Briefs
Legal Briefs

What does Brescia's do for you?
First we provide you with any assistance and expertise that you need in preparing your original document. Then we take it from there and do ALL the rest. From printing, copying and mailing to delivery to the Clerk's Office.


Document must be prepared in 6-1/8 by 9-1/4 inch booklet format, using a standard typesetting process. (Can be submitted to Brescia’s on 8-1/2x11 as long as formatted within parameters for the booklet.)

TEXT of booklet - format document, including any appendix thereto, shall be typeset in ROMAN 11-point or larger type, with 2 point or more leading between lines. (We suggest TIMES ROMAN, 12-point.)

FOOTNOTES: 9 point or larger.

Documents included in Appendix which comply with formatting rules for this Court can be reproduced; otherwise, must be reformatted to required specifications. There is no limit to number of pages for the Appendix.


Text field (including footnotes but not page numbers) shall not exceed 4-1/8” (across) by 7-1/8” (down). Typesize and face should be consistent throughout. Page number should be positioned in the same place on each page of the document (2 spaces below the text depth of 7-1/8”)


40 to Court, with 3 to each counsel and party served.


See chart

COVER INFORMATION should be as follows:

1. Docket Number (or space for one) -
No. ___________
2. Name of this Court
3. Caption of Case as appropriate in this Court
4. Nature of proceeding and name of Court from which action is brought (e.g., “On Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit”).
5. Title of Document (e.g., “Petition for Writ of Certiorari” or “Brief in Opposition” etc.)
6. Name of Attorney who is Counsel of Record for concerned party, with notation thereunder identifying attorney as counsel of record; address and telephone number of counsel.

The document is timely filed if sent to Clerk through U.S. Postal Service by First Class mail, including express or priority mail, postage prepaid, bearing postmark showing that document was mailed on or before last day for filing.

Proof of service shall be separate from document, and shall contain statement that all parties required to be served have been served, with list of names, addresses and telephone numbers of counsel representing each party.

If filing Petition for Writ of Certiorari, document must also be accompanied by the required $300 filing fee, check made out to Clerk, U.S. Supreme Court.


Page limits and cover colors for booklet-format documents are as follows:

Type of Document
Page Limits
Color of Cover
Petition for a Writ of Certiorari (Rule 14); Motion for Leave to File a Bill of Complaint and Brief in Support (Rule 17.3); Jurisdictional Statement (Rule 18.3); Petition for an Extraordinary Writ (Rule 20.2)
Brief in Opposition (Rule 15.3); Brief in Opposition to Motion for Leave to File an Original Action (Rule 17.5); Motion to Dismiss or Affirm (Rule 18.6); Brief in Opposition to Mandamus or Prohibition (Rule 20.3(b)); Response to a Petition for Habeas Corpus (Rule 20.4)
Reply to Brief in Opposition (Rules 15.6 and 17.5); Brief
Opposing a Motion to Dismiss or Affirm (Rule 18.8)
Supplemental Brief (Rules 15.8, 17, 18.10, and 25.5)

Brief on the Merits for Petitioner or Appellant (Rule 24); Exceptions by Plaintiff to Report of Special Master (Rule 17)
light blue
Brief on the Merits for Respondent or Appellee (Rule 24.2); Brief on the Merits for Respondent or Appellee Supporting Petitioner or Appellant (Rule 12.6); Exceptions by Party Other Than Plaintiff to Report of Special Master (Rule 17)
light red
Reply Brief on the Merits (Rule 24.4)

Reply to Plaintiff’s Exceptions to Report of Special Master (Rule 17)

Reply to Exceptions by Party Other Than Plaintiff to Report of Special Master (Rule 17)
Brief for an Amicus Curiae at the Petition Stage (Rule 37.2)

Brief for an Amicus Curiae in Support of the Plaintiff, Petitioner, or Appellant, or in Support of Neither Party, on the Merits or in an Original Action at the Exceptions Stage (Rule 37.3)
light green
Brief for an Amicus Curiae in Support of the Defendant, Respondent, or Appellee, on the Merits or in an Original Action at the Exceptions Stage (Rule 37.3)
dark green
Petition for Rehearing (Rule 44)


*Click here to download PDF file (viewable with Adobe's free Acrobat Reader) of complete U.S. Supreme Court rules.

*Rules are subject to changes by the court at any time. We will endeavor to keep this page as updated as possible. However, please call us to double check, if you have any questions or concerns.