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Legal Briefs
Legal Briefs

What does Brescia's do for you?
First we provide you with any assistance and expertise that you need in preparing your original document. Then we take it from there and do ALL the rest. From printing, copying and mailing to delivery to the Clerk's Office.

Second Circuit Briefs - Basic Guidelines*

8.5 x 11 Paper. Text double-spaced (except quotations, headings and footnotes may be single spaced).


One inch all around (excluding page number).


Either proportionally spaced or monospaced face may be used.
Monospaced face may not contain more than 10.5 characters per inch.
COURIER NEW is monospaced – can be 12 point.
Any proportionally spaced typeface MUST be 14-point (or larger).

Number of copies:

Notwithstanding the literal command of Fed.R.App.P.31 (b), which requires the filing of 25 copies of each brief, current practice in the Second Circuit is to file only ten copies with the clerk.
copies of each brief must be served on counsel for each party separately represented.
One copy of Joint Appendix.

Cover of Brief:

= Blue
= Red
= Gray
= Green
Any Separate Appendix or Joint Appendix = White

Cover Format:

1. Number of case centered at top with 1" numbers;
2. Name of Court;
3. Title of Case – Full title as assigned by court, not abbreviated.
4. Nature of the proceeding (Appeal, Pet. For Review, etc.) and name of court or agency below;
5. Title of the brief, clearly identifying the party or parties for whom the brief is being filed.
6. Name, Office address and telephone number of counsel representing the party for whom brief is being filed. Joint Appendix cover must contain counsel for both sides.

Brief (or Appendix) is timely filed if on or before the last day for filing it is mailed to the Clerk by First Class Mail, or other class of mail that is at least as expeditious, postage prepaid, or dispatched to a third-party commercial carrier for delivery within 3 calendar days.

*Rules are subject to changes by the court at any time. We will endeavor to keep this page as updated as possible. However, please call us to double check, if you have any questions or concerns.