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Layout & Design
Layout and Design. What do they mean? If handled correctly, they mean the potential for making your printed or copied piece stand out for its quality and visual impact. However, there are too many company brochures, letterhead, sell sheets, advertisements, etc. that look like just what they are - something someone designed themselves "on their computer." The only way to project the best image for your company or personal project is to hand it to a qualified layout and design professional.
At Brescia’s Printing we have always provided basic typesetting and design services in-house and will continue to do so for the convenience of our customers and the capability of working with your computer files on-site. Any projects which we feel require additional expertise will be coordinated with one of our Advertising / Design partners.
Below is a list of companies that we have done work for and with. We are confident that while each has its own particular strengths, they are all top quality professionals with the ability to meet your advanced design and layout needs. This list will be growing, and as each company forwards their profiles to us, we will post them.

Avid, Inc. -
Your number one choice for advertising and strategic marketing. Our excellence in promotional print materials, multi-media presentations and web design can help your company grow. (860) 528-1988.

Acorn Studio -
In business since 1990, located in downtown Hartford, Acorn Studio helps a range of folks - from small businesses to corporations - get out their printed message in a timely, attractive, cost-effective way. Newsletters, books, brochures, catalogues, etc. Free consultation (860) 702-0202. [email protected]
"Acorn Studio believes that Brescia's Printing Services is the best printer in the whole wide world!"

Jonathan & Williams Communications -
Designs and creates recruitment communications materials for major corporate accounts throughout the United States. Founded in 1985, our range of services includes print and broadcast advertising, recruitment brochures and collateral, web site creation and multi-media development. Please visit our web site at

Laires Design -
Specializes in corporate print design, and produces slide presentations, Internet and trade show projects from inception through final product. We value strong design solutions balanced with meeting deadline and budget goals. [email protected]

MCS Advertising -
MCS is an award-winning agency that has all the pieces to fit your marketing requirements. We work in print, broadcast, and new media in both English and Spanish. From strategic planning to creative execution to media placement to public relations — whatever your specific needs — MCS is the agency that fits. (860) 676-9090, Fax: (860) 676-9292
Ritz Henton Design Group -
An award winning communications design firm, offering a broad range of creative services including annual reports, marketing and sales materials, corporate identity programs, web sites, interactive presentations, exhibit/display design, signage systems. (860) 767-7434; Fax (860) 767-6538; [email protected]

Standish Associates -
A full-service agency whose services include strategic planning, advertising, market and media research, media buying (including e-media & commerce), public relations and other collateral services. The agency specializes in business-to-business and technology-based clients. (860) 263-0012; Fax (860) 263-0014; [email protected]