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Copying Services
Cpoying Services
There's nothing exciting about copies. They're just copies. But, how often have you taken your personal or business copy job to the local shop and had it returned a mess? Whether you're doing one copy or one million copies, we at Brescia's Printing always treat your job as if our shop depended on it. It does. Some copy jobs are easy. We place them in the machine and it does most of the work for us. We like that. Other jobs come littered with staples, post-it notes, and tabs. We like those too. Using primarily Xerox and Canon equipment we can take your job, either from disk or hardcopy, and finish it with a number of bindery options if needed. Having worked with the legal community over the years, we also understand the need for confidentiality on most jobs, and respect the privacy of those affected by any materials we are copying. If you want worry-free copying services, trust Brescia's.