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Color Copies
Color Copies
At Brescia's Printing customers often respond to our color copies with, "it looks better than the original." This quality has been accomplished not only by "equipment," but also by people who understand exactly how the equipment works, with the ability to make the best reproduction from your originals.
It's not just about pushing a button. It's the knowledge and experience required to make the best choice in equipment settings before pushing the button. We can reproduce your business presentations, personal photos, artwork and anything else in color, on varying sizes and stocks to fit your needs. We also provide a variety of binding/folding options, if needed. The difference is quality and know-how. All color copies are not created equal.
Brescia's became involved in color copying at its inception in the early 1980s which gives us the edge in experience that many of today's start-ups and big office supply stores just don't have. We can make our prices competitive. "Awesome" will be your response when we service your color copy needs. Contact us today for a competitive price on your next job.